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  1. xorring32: my personal chaos machine
  2. 2016

    My first scientific publication. Researching chaos machine theory. Learning LaTeX & TeX.

  3. Materials to study math & computer science
  4. Fixing broken USB dongles/adapters (El Capitan)
  5. 2015

    Exploring cryptography and how operating system works. Learning Shell and markup languages like HTML5 or Yaml. In 24 hours, coded a pseudo-random number generator that passes all randomness tests like Dieharder, NIST and TestU01.

  6. History built-in, often forgotten command
  7. Fixing sudo on OS X, tricky method
  8. Finding files, right way using command-line utility...
  9. Better debug notices in C, using macros
  10. Sieve of Atkin, finding prime numbers faster
  11. Monte Carlo method, calculating π
  12. 2014

    Learning programming languages such as Javascript, Python and Ruby. Becoming familiar with basic concepts, data structures and algorithms. Started using OS X. My first open source project called hyhyhy.

  13. Year 2038 problem
  14. Bloom filters, fast and simple
  15. ASCII table from dictionary in Python
  16. Enable AirDrop on older Macs
  17. Turn fire into electricity...
  18. Application cache in HTML5