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Turn fire into electricity...

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I recently discovered a very interesting project at Kickstarter. I was wondering how to charge my phone while camping. Suddenly. Boom. I found this!

We heard you, it’s here: advanced off-grid cooking and charging for groups, powered by wood. Can your stove do that?

Builders show another use of electricity which is produced during the frying. Someone wondered about the additional lighting during the night camping?


The BioLite Basecamp puts out 5W of usable electricity via a standard 5V USB port meaning you can charge everyday useful devices like smartphones, GPS, headlamps, your GoPro, or even tablets.

I’d love to buy a larger size stove that could charge my laptop… but MacBook charges start at 60W. (during working 10W)


Kraftwerk, highly innovative portable power plant.

Based on our unique and award winning microtubular metallic fuel cell technology, Kraftwerk directly transforms gas into electricity.